Unlocking Value and Flexibility with GFA’s Exchange Options

GFA boasts a vast inventory of rotables, catering to diverse customer needs. Our exchange options, such as “Flat Exchange” or “Exchange Plus Cost,” provide attractive choices that guarantee value for money while meeting specific requirements.
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    Aircraft Parts Deliver
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Features and Benefits:

Instant availability
With the availability of inventory from our exchange pool, you can easily have your aircraft back in the air as soon as possible. We also make your often-replaced aircraft parts backed by an actively managed rotables pool.
MRO support
You will get extensive MRO support for a broad range of rotable components. We help you minimize repair expenses by adopting rotables and exchange solutions instead of purchasing new aircraft parts.
Robust service levels
Our service reduces inventory carrying expenses and manages your repair costs with the option of a flat rate exchange. Our supplier quality management and specialized repair and exchange solutions are at the top.
Additional options
We offer more choices in lieu of buying new aviation parts such as exchange, overhaul, repair, and flat rate exchange opportunities. Our top supplier base repairs and overhauls components to meet exacting FAA standards.
Minimize inventory investment
Our broad, rotable exchange pool will definitely support you in minimizing your inventory investment and maintenance downtime. Get the most friendly and excellent customer service ever with us.
OEM-approved team
Our repair suppliers are selected for their track record of delivering high-quality products, reasonable turnaround times, technical assistance, and dependability. Feel the difference with the OEM-approved team.

Frequently asked questions

"Exchange Plus Cost" means an exchange in which the customer pays the exchange fee at the initial stage and subsequently pays the cost of the repair and overhaul of the off-unit.
In this mechanism, you get serviceable aircraft parts and return an unserviceable core at a later date. When you’re initiating an aircraft parts exchange, choose one of the two popular opinions; the exchange plus repair model and the flat rate exchange model. The key difference between the two is how you pay for the repair of your core return.
The two exchange options available for aircraft are the exchange plus repair model and the flat rate exchange model. In the exchange plus repair model, if components or aviation parts become faulty, operators can exchange the defective part for a refurbished/serviceable one from the aircraft parts manufacturer, a designated maintenance facility, or a third-party supplier. The flat rate exchange model manages aircraft parts and components. Here is a fixed flat rate for exchanging faulty aviation parts with serviceable ones.
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