Passion for Excellence

When time is of the essence, this GFA program saves the day. Let’s say you have the component you need, but it requires a repair you don’t have time to make. No problem. Exchange it with one of ours. Chances are, we have several in our vast inventory, each one traced to a regulated source that assures it’s in serviceable condition, ready for installation.
13 Years+
13 Years+

Aviation Solutions,

GFA took off a decade ago into the world of Aviation, with a simple yet powerful objective of delivering quality spares and maintaining on time service. In an industry where time and tide waits for no man, GFA has been able to offer first class spares support to a cluster of Airlines across the globe without compromising on quality and time. The team which had kick started with a squad of four industry enthusiasts is now a battalion of aviation experts spread over 2 continents, 4 stations and counting. The priority has always remained aircraft safety and offering quality services 24×7, 365 days a year with the least turn-around time.

Our Leadership Team

Akif Aziz

Chief Executive Officer

Co-Founder and GM, Akif has been one of the guiding hands behind GFA's success since inception. He began his work in the aviation industry in 2000 at Oman Airways specifically in finance. Later in 2006 he took up management role in finance at Etihad Airways where he was instrumental in setting up the finance organization and head the airport division with a budget responsibility of $600 Million annually. In 2012 he joined the holding company of GFA (Houseoftours.com) and since then had palyed a pivot role in bringing the company to what it is today.

Akif earned his Bachelor of Economics before launching his career and did Masters of Business administration in Finance and Strategy from XLRI business school. He also serves as a board member in the holding company of GFA i.e. houseoftours.com

Asif Aziz

Head of Sales

Asif has helped lead the company through its non-stop trajectory of growth since its beginnings. Prior to that year, Asif acquired executive management and sales experience by contributing in Dubai Aerospace (DAE). He started his career in Aviation Industry with Emirates Airline in 1998 and then moved on to Doha and played a pivot role in setting up the technical wing of Qatar Airways and Dubai Aero Space. Combining a 14 year aviation experience Asif has lead GFA to a consistent three digit % growth every year since its inception.

Asif was born and brought up in Dubai and hence has a strong relationships in Middle East aviation industry. He graduated in commerce in 1998 and then wasted no time getting to work in the industry he loves, demonstrating early on a sense of speed and urgency that is the driving force of GFA today.

Expertise and Experience

Growth of GFA to triple digit every year since inception
Reduce turnaround time from 15 to 10 minutes year on year
Remarkable 50% Year to Year Customer Growth
Consistent 100% Year to year Sales Growth
Expanding to 4 Locations in Just 3 Years!
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