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Seamless Procurement, Optimal value for money

GFA has a unique tailor-made inventory program, wherein the surplus inventory can be sold off with better value for money. GFA’s seasoned and industry adept sales team can trade the surplus inventory on its customers’ behalf in a mutually fruitful way.
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Features and Benefits:

Quick Turnaround
Aircraft surplus parts can result in instant turnaround times for repairs and maintenance. There is no need to wait for new aviation parts to be shipped/manufactured. Surplus parts get sourced instantly.
Environmentally Friendly
Reusing surplus components greatly supports the environment by minimizing the need for new aircraft parts manufacturing, which needs raw materials and energy.
Support for Legacy Aircraft
Discovering new replacement parts for older aircraft models that are still functional might be tough. Surplus components may act as an extension of life for these legacy airplanes until they can be scrapped.
Inventory Management
MROs and airlines are capable of enhancing inventory management by procuring excess components as required rather than stockpiling new aircraft parts that may not be in service for an extended time.
Long-term Relationships
Establishing connections with trusted surplus parts suppliers may result in benefits over time, such as constant quality assurance, increased availability, and a preferred price.
MROs and airlines may drastically decrease procurement costs by acquiring spare parts, allowing them to assign resources better to other essential facets of their daily operations.

Frequently asked questions

These are materials, equipment, or components that a company no longer wants, commonly as a result of surplus inventory, upgrades, or fleet changes. The aircraft surplus parts can be new/used and owned at a lower cost than brand-new parts.
Getting aircraft surplus parts may result in easier access to parts, quicker turnaround times, and savings on expenses that would otherwise be hard to get through standard sources. It may also assist with the upkeep of older aircraft models that are no longer in production.
We should make sure of the quality and airworthiness of surplus parts. There are many acceptable surplus aircraft parts for sale - dealers supply certification and documentation for the items they sell, as well as provenance back to the original manufacturer. Before being sold, some items may also be analyzed or repaired.
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